Steve Hackett - The Night Siren (english version)
4.5TOP 2017

That’s true. If the music of Steve Hackett does not change of direction on this twenty-fifth album, it confirms its growing interest for roughness and unpredictable sonic tornadoes. Following the traces left by Wolflight (2015), clearly more variable in the energy deployed, The Night Siren is part of what we could define like a noctambule journey in the coldness of an aurora borealis, with some tremendous heavy parts. By embracing a pessimistic point of view on the world, the guitarist remains on familiar ground with his friends (Roger King, Nad Sylvan, Rob Townsend, Amanda Lehmann), but also invites a plethora of international musicians to feed its vertiginous atmospheres: Nick D’Virgilio, Troy Donockley and Malik Mansurov, among others, bring their skills in a quite complete vision of its musical universe.

This time, the themes of repression, war and refugees make The Night Siren a musical inspiration in a kind of World Music without frontiers. The oriental accents (“Behind the Smoke“), indian passages (“Martian Sea“), south american moods (“Inca Terra“) or celtic sounds offer mixtures of colors sometimes astonishing (“Fifty Miles From the North Pole“). And despite some carnivorous riffs, the album do not forget the sense of the orchestra, which unexpectedly reappears like an echo of the still warm past. The instrumental under adrenaline “El Nino” (let’s think of Pink Floyd) testifies of this power before plunging into this raw material typical of Steve Hackett which he kneads in a form of inspirational music. Lovers of classical guitar ballads are not forgotten (“Other Side of the Wall“) nor the pop-blues amateurs on “Anything but Love” and its beautiful duelling between guitar and harmonica. That’s euphoric!

It seems that this desire to not enclose the compositions in a particular style is the real key of the success of this album. Sometimes, Steve Hackett clearly revisits its seventies discography (“Inca Terra“) and finds enough to decant its instrument of predilection during all this proteiform album… that’s twirling and always moving! More electric, eclectic and powerful than some of its previous productions, The Night Siren fly us most of the time (“In Another Life“) even during its more theatrical parts (“West to East“, “In the Skeleton Gallery”) or deep melancholy moods (“The Gift“). Let’s be clear: this album walks like a mirage on the subtile wire of accomplishement.


Steve Hackett - The Night Siren (2017)

Title: The Night Siren
Artist: Steve Hackett

Year: 2015
Country: Angleterre
Duration: 57’46
Label : Inside Out


1. Behind the Smoke
2. Martian Sea
3. Fifty Miles from the North Pole
4. El Niño
5. Other Side of the Wall
6. Anything but Love
7. Inca Terra
8. In Another Life
9. In the Skeleton Gallery
10. West to East
11. The Gift


– Steve Hackett / guitar & vocals
– Roger King / keyboards & programming
– Nad Sylvan / vocals (7)
– Rob Townsend / all things wind
– Amanda Lehmann / vocals
– Gary O’Toole / drums
– Benedict Fenner / additional keyboards & programming
– Kobi and Mira / vocals
– Nick D’Virgilio / drums
– Malik Mansurov / Tar
– Gulli Breim / drums & percussion
– Christine Townsend / violin & viola
– Dick Driver / double bass
– Troy Donockley / Celtic Uilleann
– Leslie Bennett / keyboards

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