Riverside - Eye of the Soundscape (english version)
4.5TOP 2016

Tears are flowing in the music of Riverside. A music where calm and explosions could be two parts of the equation. The history of the group since 2003 has produced six beautiful albums with this amazing ability to compose sophisticated melodies. With all the talent of bassist/vocalist Mariusz Duda, the band gradually seized a magic formula for tremendous and awesome songs and atmospheric moods. After the powerful Love, Fear and the Time Machine (2015), Riverside was on the rails. But the death of guitarist Piotr Grudziński late February, would question everything as the musician was essential in the sound of Riverside. It was a terrible thunderclap for the band and for the prog-rock universe who lost one of its most talented guitarist. A true alchemist left us too early. But Riverside was not going to stop either. Piotr dreamed of a collection of instrumental tracks… something very atmospheric, electro and ambient… and so, the group took the decision to honor him with this new album called Eye of the Soundscape.

« At the beginning of the year, we locked ourselves in the studio and we started to compose. We were working with smiles on our faces, genuinely excited, knowing that this time it wasn’t just a bonus disc or an addition to something “bigger” but a fully fledged, independent release with that kind of music, full of space, trance, melodies and electronics. » – Mariusz Duda


In addition to a one hour and forty minutes journey (on two discs), Riverside gives a great bright album that goes beyond the idea of death like an exorcism of fate. The songs were written between 2007 and 2016, some already on previous bonus discs (“Aether“, “Promise“) when others are reworked versions of previous explorations. This is the case of the hypnotic splendor “Where the River Flows” (“The Same River” from Out of Myself) or “Rapid Eye Movement“. Both titles “Night Session” are playing games of mirrors, like a fascinating soundtrack.

Some people could compare Eye of the Soundscape to The Endless River (Pink Floyd, 2014), another atmospheric posthumous album, but it’s the common points with Lunatic Soul (the darker and organic project of Mariusz Duda) which allowing to close the remarkable hexalogie of Riverside. An album completely clever and inspired between two universes… so far away, so close… waiting for an uncertain future.

If the album may surprise and even disappoints fans of the classic Riverside, more gritty and fractal, we must recognize him real sonic poetry, with something organic and fascinating in its DNA. You have understood: the proposed chemical formula lies in its fragile setting and touches the heart.

Photo : Mariusz “Kobaru” Kowal


Riverside - Eye of the Soundscape (2016)

Title: Eye of the Soundscape
Band: Riverside

Year: 2016
Country: Poland
Duration: 102’14
Label: InsideOut


CD 1: (49:57)
1. Where The River Flows (10:53)
2. Shine (4:09)
3. Rapid Eye Movement (2016 mix) (12:40)
4. Night Session – Part One (10:40)
5. Night Session – Part Two (11:35)

CD 2: (52:17)
1. Sleepwalkers (7:19)
2. Rainbow Trip (2016 mix) (6:19)
3. Heavenland (4:59)
4. Return (6:50)
5. Aether (8:43)
6. Machines (3:53)
7. Promise (2:44)
8. Eye Of The Soundscape (11:30)


– Mariusz Duda / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
– Piotr Grudzinski / guitars
– Michal Lapaj / keyboards
– Piotr Kozieradzki / drums

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