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Opeth - Sorceress (english version)
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With Pale Communion, Opeth seemed to find the great sound of seventies… and in its best way! Now, through a new label (Nuclear Blast), our friends come back with their twelfth album entitled Sorceress and defined by the band as a “good little album” and, logically, their “favorite to date” with a subtile mixture of “peace and heavy”. Right! The album begins with the instrumental “Persephone“, driven by a classical guitar and a female voice that actuate the mystique of the whole. The music is reinforced by the dark and melancholic roughness of the mix. After this introduction, here comes the title track which seems straight escaped from the previous album: rythm on fire, vintage keys, awesome guitar with a tremendous riff. A six minutes song full of vitamin! And the rest of the album will be the same, between fever and tranquility. Whether “The Wilde Flowers” (as a distant cousin of The Mars Volta) or “Crysalis” and its delicate psychedelic atmosphere. All around, acoustic tracks are the most successful yet. From the beautiful “Will O The Wisp” to brightly “The Seven Sojourn” (and the remains of Lunatic Soul), these tracks avoid overload and gives the most inspired breath. So, “Strange Brew” or “Era” (very Deep Purple) hit hard too like sonic upercuts completed by the coda “Persephone (Slight Return)” that leave us in peace and serenity. With texts that shine like dark bulbs, Mikael Åkerfeldt and his band partially return to an upscale but classic metal. By varying moods, Sorceress takes the bet to give the feeling of a lack of consistency. But we must consider this album as a journey, a trip in the new world of Opeth. A universe of irregular and chaotic landscapes where the peaceful wins at the end.

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Opeth - Sorceress (2016)

Title: Sorceress
Artist: Opeth

Year: 2016
Country: Sweden
Lenght: 56’42
Label : Nuclear Blast


1. Persephone
2. Sorceress
3. The Wilde Flowers
4. Will O The Wisp
5. Chrysalis
6. Sorceress 2
7. The Seventh Sojourn
8. Strange Brew
9. A Fleeting Glance
10. Era
11. Persephone (Slight Return)


– Mikael Åkerfeldt / vocals, guitars, producer & mixing
– Fredrik Åkesson / guitars, backing vocals
– Joakim Svalberg / piano, keyboards, backing vocals
– Martín Méndez / basses
– Martin Axenrot / drums, percussion

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