Blackfield - V (english version)
4.3TOP 2017

What a good news! The return of Steven Wilson beside Aviv Geffen with the project Blackfield seems quite enough to raise our attention. After a fourth album far from being unanimous, the magic would again coat this music so folk, cool and metal and quite atmospheric. The mixture, curious on paper, between the greater protagonist of contemporary progressive rock and an israeli pop star (jury member for The Voice), had given a lot of trouble to all bad people who saw only “a for-profit association“. But the two friends have finally found enough common points and affinities to explore a path paved with harmonious and delicate melodies.

In this fifth opus, naturally titled V, it must be admitted that the sleight of hand is perfectly executed. This manifest desire to keep a hand on a music that is both demanding and perfectly universal finds here a form of accomplishment that the production signed Alan Parsons takes to the clouds. The mixture of strings melting with a background of rock and acoustic riffs, is not lost itself in a useless audacity, and pushes us right in the stars. Whether on the brilliant introduction “A Drop in the Ocean” or the more mainstream songs such as “Family Man“, Blackfield intertwines the straightforward simplicity of Geffen with Wilson‘s thunderbolts. And all that on a background of vocal harmonies always as contagious. Serpentine guitars are there. The atmospheres are hypnotic.

V alternates the titles that take off literally (“How Was Your Ride“, “Life is an Ocean“, “Salt Water“), the slight (“Sorry“), the groovy (“Lately“) and even the soft rock (“Lonely Soul“). Some people could say that we find here the sound of Porcupine Tree, the Wilson‘s kind of music, but the writing of Geffen is really there (“October“) and never forgets the emotion, the melancholy as the trademark of Blackfield music. The last song “From 44 to 48” is so autobiographical for Wilson that it’s sounding with a great subtlety. Finally, it takes little less than three quarter of an hour to the two friends to convince us that this album is a real accomplishement. Obviously, they do not reinvent their musical ranges, nor the miracle recipe for an illusory renewal. But why deprive yourself when the result is of this level? Let the sad faces see if the grass is greener elsewhere.


Blackfield - V (2017)

Title: V
Band: Blackfield

Year: 2017
Duration: 44’01
Label: Kscope


1. A Drop In The Ocean (1:23)
2. Family Man (3:37)
3. How Was Your Ride? (3:58)
4. We’ll Never Be Apart (2:54)
5. Sorry s (2:58)
6. Life Is An Ocean (3:26)
7. Lately (3:24)
8. October (3:31)
9. The Jackal (3:56)
10. Salt Water (2:39)
11. Undercover Heart (4:02)
12. Lonely Soul (3:42)
13. From 44 To 48 (4:31)


– Aviv Geffen / vocals, guitar, keyboards
– Steven Wilson / vocals, guitar, keyboards
– Tomer Z / drums
– Eran Mitelman / keyboards
– London Session Orchestra / strings

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